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Buy Aion Kinah - Tips and Informations

Is buying Aion Kinah legal?

Yes, buying Aion Kinah is legal! On the one hand the buy of Aion Kinah is a violation of NCSoft‘s terms of use. But on the other hand - if you check the laws - it is absolutely legal.

Is a banning of my Aion account possible, if I buy Aion Kinah?

Yes, your Aion account might get banned. But the experience shows, that NCSoft only bans the accounts of chinese the Aion Kinah farmer. The accounts of the normal customers only get banned if the the account is too young and, the maximum level is to low and the amount of Aion Kinah is too big. Only if you careless there might be a risk of getting banned. NCSoft would loose a lot of money if they ban everyone who ever bought Aion Kinah. To cut a long story short: The risk of getting banned because of buying Aion Kinah is really low.

Tips for buying Aion Kinah

  • The supplier you want to choose should speak your language. If some problems occure you should be able to talk to a person speaking your language. Problems often need long time until they are solved. If there are additive language problems you will have to wait a really long time. Also important is a valif telephone number. You should be able to reach the company through phone if problems occure. Tip: Have a look at the imprint of the supplier and check where the company is located.
  • First you should proove if the Aion Kinah supplier offers the payment method you want to use. If not you can go on searching for a new Aion Kinah supplier.
  • Before buying Aion Kinah you should ask if the amount you want to buy is in stock and how long the supplier needs for delivery. Often a true answer is more useful than promises. The suppliers often lie to get your order and your money when you ask for the delivery time